Video: Introduction to growth hacking



An introduction to growth hacking: Sales are the lifeblood of every business and sales growth is on the agenda of every business. But how can you grow your business without spending a lot of money in advertising? Growth hacking is the solution!

Growth hacking is growing your business more than you think possible, in simple ways you might not expect. It focusses on cost-efficient ways to growth your business, oftentimes using digital and social media tools. This introduction to growth hacking shows how these methods can be applied to B2B sales in the chemicals and materials business.

The growth hacking methods covered include:

Stability & resilience
Sales process hacking
“Not” selling
Social selling
Influencer marketing
Pro-active live chat
Reverse form marketing
Real-time leads
Branded answering
Sales recovery
Start-up strategy

The price for this introduction to growth hacking  is 99 € and the MP4 recording and the PDF slide deck can both be downloaded.

Martin von Wolfersdorff is consultant, strategic coach and growth hacker with 20 years experience in B2B growth hacking.

Learn more about growth hacking and read the Growth Hacking Secrets book!

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