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Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin has acquired niche knowledge and wide-ranging experience over the last 5 years that has enabled the consultancy to offer high level bespoke services to its clients.


Take a look below to see the skills we yield and if we can be of any help!


Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a form of accelerated business development, that recently has come more and more to the forefront of the start-up scene. As a result, Wolfersdorff Conulsting can help you with the provision of high quality growth hacking services.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new form of social marketing, which drives engagement with a target group through influencers. This works very well both in consumer as well as in B2B settings such as LinkedIn.

Market Intelligence

Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin offers a whole range of market analysis, market research and market validation services for chemical and materials industries.

Sales acceleration

Commercial excellence or sales transformation & enablement initiatives intend to increase the sales and profit of the company. Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin has a process led approach to sales improvements and to improving the collaboration of sales and marketing.

Tire pyrolysis

It began with a passion for developing “green” carbon black through tire pyrolysis technology. Over the course of 5 years, Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin developed to be a leading global authority in the general topic of tire recycling and an evangelist for tire-to-tire recycling.


From 2019, Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin offers coaching services in addition to consultancy.  This has been focused on business topics such as leadership, teamwork, and performance as well as personal topics.


Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin now offers engaging webinars on topics from growth hacking over coaching to recovered carbon black with both inhouse and guest presenters.

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