How I Can Help You

In 9 years of consulting and 17 years of corporate management assignments, I have acquired niche knowledge in a broad number of industries including tires, rubber, carbon black and carbon materials, nanomaterials, plastics, plastic packaging, plastic concentrates / masterbatch, coatings, paints, inks, paper and more.


I am a chemical engineer and EASC certified coach working more than 22 years in commercial business and specialising in strategy, value creation and market scouting.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking uses unusual and unexpected methods for accelerated business development. Initially used only in the start-up scene, I can bring tailored growth hacking to any venture up to large corporations.

Content creation

Seeing is believing. Pictures and motion pictures speak their own language. This is an opportunity for marketing complex technologies, products and services, for example in the renewables or recycling sector.

Market Scouting

Do you have a new innovative product? Or maybe a diffcult to sell by-product of your production? Let me be your market scout and bring your products to market with maximum value.

Sales transformation

If you have an existing sales structure, your sales process can be optimised and tweaked and your sales team can be trained, mentored and coached in order to get better results.

recovered Carbon Black

I am the creator of the global recovered carbon black community. recovered Carbon Black is about 40% of the mass balance of a tire pyrolysis plant, but it can be up to 75% of the revenue. I help you accomplish this with investment due diligence, product development, technology benchmarking and market scouting.


Technology does not change the world, but we humans. I can coach you with implementing a value based and resilient culture in your business and with becoming a better and more performing you.


Payable webinars and free live streams are a good source of information to pick up the latest trends in the niche markets I work with.

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