Who You Are

YOU want to grow your business?

Whether you want to accomplish quick & tactical growth in the form of growth hacking or strategic growth with a new product, business unit or market, I have done this and I can help you!

YOU invest in a circular tire recycling business?

When investing in a circular business, you likely want to scale the production of circular oil feedstocks and recovered carbon black. Your CAPEX will be in the range of tens to hundreds of million Euros. You will need a reliable due diligence including technical and commercial aspects as well as an assesment of soft factors such as people and company culture. Let me help you!

YOU want advice on carbon materials?

If you need advice on carbon materials such as (furnace) carbon black, recovered carbon black, carbon nanotubes (“CNTs”), methane carbon black or lignin based functional fillers, I am your industry expert!
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