Who You Are

YOU want to grow your business?

With our experience in working across the complete colour space and in key industries (for example paper and food), tapping into the expert knowledge and experience at Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin is a must if you want quick, sustainable growth.

YOU want to accelerate sales?

Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin since 2014 has consulted a wide variety of companies on their sales process. As a result, our sales acceleration programme continues to develop and also be of a competitive advantage to our clients.

YOU want to accelerate sales?

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YOU want advice on tire pyrolysis?

Boasting impressive blue-chip clients such as Michelin and Bridgestone among its portfolio, Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin has therefore become a leading authority on tire pyrolysis and tire-to-tire recycling, positioning the consultancy as a reliable partner in any project.
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