Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023


Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023 is the ultimate industry reference report on recovered Carbon Black and the global tire pyrolysis industry. It is a collaboration by Notch Consulting Inc. & Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin. You can choose between a Multi-User license (e.g. companies and corporations) and a Single-User license (e.g. individuals with VAT number and start-ups).

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Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023 is now in the second edtion!

Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023 is the ultimate peer-reviewed industry reference report about the recovered carbon black and tire pyrolysis industry. The report was written in collaboration by furnace carbon black expert Paul Ita (Notch Consulting Inc.) and recovered carbon black and tire pyrolysis expert Martin von Wolfersdorff (Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin).

We have completely reworked the report structure and we have interviewed all leading industry players in order to get their company and industry news.

We believe that Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023 is the best recovered Carbon Black and tire pyrolysis industry report.

June 2023,

Martin von Wolfersdorff and Paul Ita

Files: You will get a downloadable PDF report and a downloadable Microsoft Excel XLS file with data tables. All files are in English language. Please download your files within a week of purchase.

Target audience: This report addresses all readers, technical and engineering, operations, marketing, sales, investors, business partners and customers.

Previous buyers: Previous buyers include UPM, Deutsche Gasrusswerke, Birla Carbon, Tokai Carbon, Castleton Commodities, OCI Company, Scandinavian Enviro Systems,Revolve Carbon Materials and ExxonMobil.

PDF contents: This report covers both broad and deep topics of recovered carbon black production. A technology chapter deepens on a recovered Carbon Black definition, an overview on tire pyrolyis technology, recovered carbon black standards and product characteristics, regulatory and legal aspects as well as green credentials for recovered carbon black. The Market Environment chapter gives an overview on the furnace carbon black industry, on growth drivers for recovered carbon black, other alternative carbon blacks and on recovered carbon black pricing trends. The following chapter deepens on a recovered Carbon Black Demand Forecast by region, by market and by grades. The final Chapter details on Suppliers and the Competitive Environment, explaining the state of the industry, current and future recovered Carbon Black supply capacity, detailed company profiles as well as information on joint ventures, collaborations, industry developments and product news. Prospects for recovered Carbon Black 2023 contains 7 figures and 23 tables.

The full table of contents is:

1. Contents, tables and images
1.1. Contents
1.2. Figures
1.3. Tables

2. Introduction & Glossary
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Methodology, Sources & Disclaimer
2.3. Glossary of Terms
3. Executive Summary & Key Statistics
4. Technology
4.1. What is recovered carbon black?
4.2. Tire pyrolysis overview
4.2.1. Tire pyrolysis introduction
4.2.2. Discontinuous (“batch”) pyrolysis
4.2.3. Semi-continuous pyrolysis
4.2.4. Continuous pyrolysis
4.2.5. Best Practices for Tire Pyrolysis Operators
4.2.6. Selection of tire pyrolysis technology
4.3. Recovered Carbon Black Standards & Product Characteristics
4.3.1. Chemical composition of rCB
4.3.2. rCB Refining Processes
4.3.3. Special Post-Treatment Technologies
4.3.4. ASTM D36 analysis standards
4.3.5. Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin specifications
4.3.6. Michelin / Bridgestone rCB Rubber product categories
4.4. Regulatory and legal aspects
4.4.1. Plant permits
4.4.2. Product registration
4.4.3. End-of-waste status
4.5. Green credentials
4.5.1. Recycled content
4.5.2. Carbon footprint
4.5.3. Low PAH content
5. Market environment
5.1. Overview of the Carbon Black Industry
5.1.1. Carbon Black Types
5.1.2. Carbon Black’s Physical Properties
5.1.3. Carbon Black Demand by Region
5.1.4. Carbon Black Demand by Market
5.1.5. Carbon Black Demand by Grade
5.1.6. Carbon Black Suppliers & Market Share
5.1.7. Carbon Black Current Pricing & Contract Terms
5.1.8. Carbon Black Pricing Forecast
5.2. Growth Drivers for Recovered Carbon Black
5.2.1. Tire Industry Sustainability Objectives
5.2.2. Carbon Black Industry Carbon Footprint
5.2.3. Petrochemical Industry Sustainability Objectives
5.3. Other Alternative Carbon Blacks
5.4. rCB Pricing Trends
6. rCB Demand Forecast
6.1. rCB Demand Forecast by Region
6.1.1. North America – Markets for rCB
6.1.2. European Union – Markets for rCB
6.1.3. China – Markets for rCB
6.1.4. Asia excluding China – Markets for rCB
6.1.5. Other Regions – Markets for rCB
6.2. rCB Demand by Market
6.2.1. Tire Markets for rCB
6.2.2. MRG Markets for rCB
6.2.3. Specialty Markets for rCB
6.3. rCB Demand by Grade (rCB1 & rCB2)
6.3.1. rCB1 Demand by Region & Market
6.3.2. rCB2 Demand by Region & Market
7. Suppliers & Competitive Environment
7.1. State of the rCB industry
7.1.1. Market demand from the carbon black industry
7.1.2. Market demand from the tire industry
7.1.3. Market demand from the plastic masterbatch industry
7.1.4. recovered Carbon Black industry scale-up
7.1.5. Industry certifications
7.1.6. Funding
7.1.7. Project development companies
7.1.8. Technologies
7.1.9. Paradigm change
7.2. rCB Current and future Supply Capacity
7.3. rCB Company Profiles
7.4. Other companies of interest
7.5. rCB Joint Ventures & Collaborations
7.6. rCB Industry Developments & Initiatives
7.7. rCB Product News & Introductions

Figure 1: ASTM D36.70 Proposal for Classification
Figure 2: rCB Rubber Project Grades Definition Proposal
Figure 3: rCB Rubber Project Certificate of Analysis Specification Proposal
Figure 4: EU carbon black pricing formula
Figure 5: US carbon black pricing formula
Figure 6: US Carbon Black Contract Prices versus Crude Oil and CBFS
Figure 7: Carbon Black Price Forecast through 2030

Table 1: Recovered Carbon Black Demand by Region
Table 2: rCB1 specification
Table 3: Types of Carbon Black
Table 4: World Carbon Black Demand by Region
Table 5: World Carbon Black Demand by Market
Table 6: World Carbon Black Demand by Grade
Table 7: Carbon Black Market Share, 2021
Table 8: Average Carbon Black Prices in the US
Table 9: Recovered Carbon Black Demand by Region
Table 10: North America – Recovered Carbon Black Demand
Table 11: European Union – Recovered Carbon Black Demand
Table 12: China – Recovered Carbon Black Demand
Table 13: Asia excluding China – Recovered Carbon Black Demand
Table 14: Other Regions – Recovered Carbon Black Demand
Table 15: Recovered Carbon Black Demand by Market
Table 16: Tire Markets for rCB
Table 17: MRG Markets for rCB
Table 18: Specialty Markets for rCB
Table 19: Recovered Carbon Black Demand by Grade
Table 20: rCB1 Demand by Region & Market
Table 21: rCB2 Demand by Region & Market
Table 22: rCB Capacity by Company, Year-End 2022
Table 23: rCB Planned Capacity by Company

XLS file contents:

Carbon Black Demand

Recovered Carbon Black Demand

Recovered Carbon Black Current Capacity

Recovered Carbon Black Planned Capacity

Carbon Black pricing reference

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