German end-of-life-tires supply chain


An indepth analysis of the German end-of-life-tire supplychain.

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German ELT supply chain is an indepth report about the German end-of-life-tire market and supply chain.

According to ETRMA, in 2019 an estimated volume of almost 3,6 million tons of end- of-life-tires (“ELTs”) arose in the EU27, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia and Turkey. The 2019 figures of European ELT recycling routes average 96% treatment, 61% material recovery and 35% thermal recovery. Within the ETRMA scope, Germany is the biggest ELT market and, because of its “free market” policy, also the most obscure ELT market.

This report analyses the German ELT supply chain and aims to provide the market data and the market understanding required for securing ELT feedstocks in Germany. The report is written for investors, analysts and entrepreneurs planning to operate a tire recyccling company in Germany.

The report covers the following contents:

1. Contents
2. Introduction and scope
3. Legislative and policy aspects of ELT recycling
3.1. EU policy models for ELT recycling
3.2. Relevant EU and German legislation for ELT recycling
3.3. Waste categoriation
3.4. End-of-waste status
3.5. Registration requirements
3.6. Certification of recycling operations
3.7. ELT storage and treatment
3.8. REACH and other regulations for ELT products
3.9. Future policies and legislation
4. Scale of the German ELT market
4.1. Supply chain model and market structure
4.1.1. WDK supply chain model and EoW status
4.1.2. The Tire Industry project supply chain model
4.2. German tire recycling supply chain
4.2.1. Point of service (Step 1)
4.2.2. Use tire collection, sorting, trading and transport (Step 2)
4.2.3. Used tire retreaders (Step 2b)
4.2.4. End-of-life tire processors (Step 3c)
4.2.5. End-of-life tire recyclers (Step 4)
4.2.6. End-of-life tire recoverers (Step 4)
4.3. End-of-life tire valorisation data and recovery routes
4.3.1. Used tires arising
4.3.2. End-of-life tires arising
4.3.3. Illegal tire dumping
4.4. Market dynamics & trends
4.4.1. Reduction of ELT co-processing in cement kilns
4.4.2. Increase of ELT valorisation at waste incinerators
4.4.3. Evolution of recovery routes
4.4.4. ZARE and AZUR initiatives
4.4.5. Repartition of ELTs arising by Federal State in Germany
5. Economics of the German ELT market
5.1. Recycling fees at service points
5.2. Downstream recycling fees
6. Annex
6.1. Glossary
7. Disclaimer

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