Growth Hacking Secrets



Bring growth hacking into your business with Wolfersdorff Consulting’s Growth Hacking Secrets!

Whether you are seeking business growth of a large corporation, of an SME company or of your freelancer business, this book will provide you a new spin on business growth with twelve easily executable growth hacking secrets and with follow-up suggestions.

Many of the growth hacking secrets consider digital marketing, there is a large chapter about growth hacking with social media and you will also find methods that do not require a computer.

Introduction 4
Secret 1: Sales process hacking 5
Secret 2: Up-selling 7
Secret 3: Cross-selling 8
Secret 4: Not selling 9
Secret 5: Social selling 10
Secret 5: Influencer marketing 14
Secret 6: Pro-active live chat 15
Secret 7: Reverse website form marketing 16
Secret 8: Real-time leads 17
Secret 9: Branded Answering 18
Secret 10: Start-up strategy 19
Secret 11: Sales recovery 20
Secret 12: Coaching 21
About the author 22

The file is in PDF format, in English language and downloadable immediately after payment.

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