The Pieswerk – the first public sector tire pyrolysis plant

July 27th 2020: Big news from Osnabrück: Stadtwerke Osnabrück AG, the utility company of Osnabrück, is building a modern tire pyrolysis plant in the port district Piesberg. This will be the first public sector tire pyrolysis plant. The Stadtwerke Osnabrück invest about 70m € into new technologies each year. Now there is a project for tire pyrolysis.

This is groundbreaking for Germany and the world because the technology has so far only been used in the private sector.

Osnabrück shows the 48 larger German Top50 cities how modern tire recycling can be implemented with material recycling and with ISCC Plus standard certification. I think that many cities will follow this example. I am very pleased to accompany this project!

Update 20.12.2023: Unfortunately, the tire pyrolysis project of Stadtwerke Osnabrück AG was discontinued due to liquidity issues of Stadtwerke Osnabrück. But the opportunity for the public sector is still there for investing into a recycling technology that produces circular materials such as recovered carbon black and tyre pyrolysis oil feedstocks. Recovered carbon black start-ups need strategic investments from the tire value chain and public sector investment could be a way to solve waste issues and build circular material production capacities in one step.

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