The Pieswerk – the first public sector tire pyrolysis plant

🇬🇧🇺🇸♻️ Big news from Osnabrück: Stadtwerke Osnabrück AG is building a modern tire pyrolysis plant in the port district Piesberg, the first public sector tire pyrolysis plant.

This is groundbreaking for Germany and the world because the technology has so far only been used in the private sector.

Osnabrück shows the 48 larger German Top50 cities how modern tire recycling can be implemented with material recycling and with ISCC Plus standard certification. I think that many cities will follow this example.

A great project management by Berenike Seeberg-Elverfeldt and Serkan Kadi, who has a lot of experience with tire pyrolysis.

I am very pleased to accompany this project!

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