5 Recommended Resources to Get You Started with Recovered Carbon Black

The uses of recovered carbon black are countless. It can be used as a colorant, pigment, UV stabiliser, reinforcement, insulating agent, among a wide variety of other applications. That’s why understanding the properties, uses, and main advantages of this material is vital in order to get the most out of it.

If you are interested in learning about the applications of recovered carbon black, don’t miss the following webinars and reports: Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black, Carbon Black Asia 2021, the RCB Workshop 2022, German End-of-Life-Tires Supply Chain and EU Carbon Black and Recovered Carbon Black Pricing 04-2023.

Today’s blog focuses on the two webinars and three reports on Recovered Carbon Black available on the website:


  1. Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black

This report is a thorough analysis looking at the recovered carbon black in 2022. The report created in collaboration with Notch Consulting includes an overview of the global furnace carbon black industry, whilst also offering recovered carbon black forecasts by region, grade and market and recovered carbon black suppliers.

Purchasing this report will also give you access to a free upgrade to 2023’s version when it becomes available.

Head on over to the webshop to take a look at full benefits of acquiring this report.


  1. Martin & Friends Carbon Black Asia 2021

This webinar features three experts in the field of carbon black, namely Paul Ita, from Notch Consulting, Shane Perl from Alpen Group, and Martin von Wolfersdorff, from Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin.

This on-demand webinar is aimed both at producers and consumers of carbon black, as well as other agents working within this field. It is composed by three interventions by three different speakers, each one followed by a discussion.

The Martin & Friends Carbon Black Asia webinar also offers the possibility to ask questions to the three speakers via email.

If you think that this could be your webinar, click here.


  1. RCB Workshop 2022

Additionally, interested users can put their knowledge into practice with this Recovered Carbon Black workshop subscription.

This exclusive one-day access subscription to the RCB Workshop 2022  will allow you to discover in-depth insights about the intricacies of recovered carbon black, thanks to a specialised training designed by Martin Von Wolfersdorff.


  1. German End-of-life Tires Supply Chain

This latest report from Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin is an in-depth report about the German end-of-life tire market and supply chain and provides market data and knowledge to aid understanding in securing ELT feedstocks. The report has been developed specifically for investors, analysts and entrepreneurs who are investigating the ins and outs of operating a tyre recycling business in Germany.

For further information on this detailed report, visit our webshop to take a look at the content breakdown.


  1. EU Carbon Black and Recovered Carbon Black Pricing 04-2023

Our two-page PDF on EU carbon and recovered carbon black pricing includes a price chart for a range of carbon blacks and recovered carbon blacks. Of key interest as well, will be a data table for all prices from January 2019 up until May 2023. So who is this PDF for? The EU Carbon Black and Recovered Carbon Black Pricing 04-2023 PDF is ideal for purchasers and sellers of both carbon blacks and recovered carbon blacks along with investors and industry analysts.

Recently published and available for 399 Euros, take a look at the full details in our webshop here.

If you have any questions about any of the products available on our website or any of our upcoming webinars and reports don’t hesitate to send us a message via the Contact Us page or connect with us on social media. We would be delighted to talk to you more about the products we have available or future products we have on the horizon.


Written by: Richard Wilson from Tyre and Rubber Recycling