Recovered Carbon Black News April 2022


recovered-Carbon-Black-News-April-2022Dear friends,
How are you? Today we have three recovered Carbon Black news items for you:

1. The Conference date and the location of the Recovered Carbon Black Conference 2022 are now confirmed! Please mark November 16th/17th 2022 in your calendar. We will see you again in the Melia Hotel in Berlin, Germany, for the most important meeting of the recovered carbon black community.

2. More recovered Carbon Black news from Bridgestone and Michelin! Both companies did a joint keynote and a Call-to-Action for recovered carbon black at the last Recovered Carbon Black Conference 2021 in Amsterdam. Today, the collaboration team has published a positioning paper on “Increasing the use of recovered carbon black in tyres to achieve a more sustainable mobility ecosystem”.

This position paper details on the project intention, objectives, a description and specification of recovered carbon black and its certification and traceability as well as the next steps of the project.

The project group plans to collaborate and engage with key stakeholders this year. A more detailed “white paper” is scheduled towards the end of the year. I am sure that we will also see a keynote update about the project on this year’s Recovered Carbon Black Conference 2022 in Berlin!

3. Last but not least in recovered Carbon Black news: Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin and the US carbon black expert consultancy Notch Consulting Inc. have collaborated and published the detailed industry report Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black 2022. What makes the report special is that it is peer expert reviewed and that it will be regularly updated. The report is now available in my webshop. Just click on the above underlined link. If you order quickly (within the next 7 days), you can even use the voucher code “Newsletter10” for a 10% discount at check-out.

If you have any questions, please comment under this blog article!

Best wishes from Berlin,