5 Free Webinars from Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin You Must Watch

In its efforts to provide its clients with sustainable and innovative solutions, Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin currently offers 5 webinars on different topics ranging from recovered carbon black to titanium dioxide and growth hacking.

If you are interested in boosting your business with the help of sustainable materials, don’t miss these five free webinars:


  1. Introduction to Titanium Dioxide

This webinar contains an introduction to titanium dioxide, including its manufacturing processes, a product selection example, as well as information on the pricing and quality control before finally covering titanium dioxide sustainability.

Because I know Wolfersdorff Consulting from their wide-ranging consulting projects in carbon black and recovered carbon black, I started to wonder what range of content could be covered in this titanium dioxide video. However, given that Martin has spent 14 years working in the white pigment industry, it’s easy to see why he can give such a good webinar about TiO2.

For anyone new to TiO2, this webinar covers everything you need to know to get a grasp on the basics and even some of the finer details on the subject. With the webinar lasting an hour and thirteen minutes, grab yourself a coffee and get your pen and notepad ready as we settle down to learn more about titanium dioxide.



  1. Recovered carbon black in Inks & Coatings

Wolfersdorff Consulting’s webinar on recovered carbon black in inks and coatings focuses on the use of recovered carbon black in inks and coatings, as the name suggests. In this webinar you’ll find interesting information about recovered carbon black, colour science and jetness, and before the video finishes it looks at recovered carbon black in inks and coatings. The webinar is rounded up with a question-and-answer session.

Inks & coatings are perhaps one of the more demanding applications and it is an absolute specialist niche when compared to plastics and rubber. For specialist niches, you need an absolute expert and Martin is certainly that when it comes to this subject area.

The duration of the webinar is an hour and eight minutes, so strap yourself in to learn about the fascinating world of recovered carbon black in Inks and coatings.

If you have any further questions about recovered carbon black in inks and coatings and you need Martin’s help filling the gaps, get in contact with Wolfersdorff Consulting today and we would be delighted to book you in for an hour of consultation.



  1. Recovered carbon black in Plastics

In this webinar you’ll learn everything you need to know about recovered carbon black in plastic concentrates. It includes an introduction to recovered carbon black and to plastic masterbatch / colour concentrates and then we analyse recovered carbon black in plastic masterbatch. The webinar also includes a question-and-answer session at the end, as we saw in the recovered carbon black in inks and coatings video.

Martin worked 12 years as a supplier to the plastic masterbatch industry and 2 years in the plastic masterbatch industry, allowing him to build up a wealth of knowledge which is available on display here. There aren’t many places in the world where you can access this knowledge for free.

Addedly if you have even more questions on this subject that aren’t covered in the Q&A section, Martin is always ready to help. Contact us today to reserve an hour’s consultation with the industry’s leading expert in recovered carbon in plastics.

In a nutshell this engaging webinar on recovered carbon black in plastics promises to expand your understanding for the next hour and thirty-three minutes. Get ready to absorb valuable insights and deepen your knowledge on this intriguing topic.




  1. Advanced Plastics Applications for Recovered carbon black

This video is a unique webinar on advanced plastics applications for recovered carbon black. In this webinar, you’ll find an introduction to recovered carbon black quality control, followed by advanced colour applications, UV protection and conductive applications, among others.

This short webinar came into existence because a potential customer once questioned Martin on more specialised applications in plastics.

The webinar was originally recorded in 2020 and lasts 30 minutes. It may be shorter than the other webinars, but that doesn´t mean it still doesn´t pack a significant punch.

If you have any further enquiries about recovered carbon black in advanced plastics applications, feel free to get in touch with us via the website or even send Martin a message directly via his LinkedIn account.



  1. Growth Hacking

In this final webinar, you’ll discover the secrets of growth hacking to accelerate sales and grow your business.

Before we look at the content available in this webinar, it’s worth defining “Growth Hacking” as a concept. Growth hacking is usually used in relation to early-stage start ups who need massive growth in a short-time on small budgets and this, is where Martin comes in.

Growth hacking is one of his passions and specialties. In the chemicals industry, Martin managed to bring these growth hacking principles to large corporations adding huge amounts of value. In that corporate setting, growth hacking has helped enormously to improve quarterly results in reduced time frames. If you want to hire a master growth hacker, this video is for you as you get to see some of Martin’s magic at work.

Get comfortable and settle in for 45 minutes of captivating insights into the fast-growing world of Growth Hacking.



Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin doesn’t just offer free webinars, we also offer paid options as well. Keep an eye on our webshop over the next few months as we are planning to roll out some new webinar content for 2023.