Sustainable Carbon Black Workshop

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Sustainable Carbon Black Workshop is a conversational style webinar on the topic of 4 different forms of sustainable carbon blacks: Methane carbon blacks, circular carbon blacks, renewable carbon blacks and recovered carbon blacks.

The webinar is moderated by Martin von Wolfersdorff and guests are Robert Hanson (founder and CEO of methane carbon black producer Monolith Corp.) and Paul Ita (Notch Consulting Inc.). It streamed live on June 13th 2023 in English language.

The first topic of the Sustainable Carbon Black Workshop is methane carbon blacks. Robert Hanson gives a short presentation about the progress of Monolith Corp, including future projects, collaboration with Goodyear and potential alternative feedstocks. Martin von Wolfersdorff and Paul Ita ask Robert questions. The next two topics, circular and renwable carbon blacks from the furnace carbon black process are briefly presented by Martin von Wolfersdorff and are then discussed by the group. Finally, Martin von Wolfersdorff introduces recovered carbon black and the group discusses recovered carbon black.

You are buying a one day access to this 160 minutes webinar recording. Please download the access instructions within 7 days of purchase.


If you want to learn more about recovered Carbon Black, have a look at the ultimate industry reference report  “Prospects for recovered carbon black 2023“.

You can also find tons of free resources in my Linkedin recovered Carbon Black Newsletter and on my Youtube channel.

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