Video: Recovered carbon black in plastic colour concentrates



This is a 1h30min recording of the world’s first webinar on recovered carbon black in plastic colour concentrates (masterbatches).


1. Recovered carbon black: State of technology and availability

1.1. Tire pyrolysis mass flows

1.2. Recovered carbon black composition

1.3. Colloidal properties of carbon black and recovered carbon black

1.4. Recovered carbon black specification for colouring applications

1.5. Tire pyrolysis technology choices

1.6. Recovered carbon black availability

2. Introduction to plastic colour concentrates

2.1.1. Routes to plastic colour: Compounds

2.1.1. Routes to plastic colour: Concentrates

2.2. Types of masterbatches

2.3. Types of thermoplastic carrier resins

2.4. Masterbatch production

2.5. Defining colour: CIE L*a*b* system

2.6.1. Colour examples: RAL blacks

2.6.1. RAL 9005: Jet black

2.6.3. RAL 9004: Signal black

2.6.4. RAL 8022: Black brown

2.6.5. RAL 5004: Black blue

2.6.6. RAL 9017: Traffic black

2.6.7. RAL 9011: Graphite black

2.6.8. Black RALs colour comparison

2.7. Carbon clack spectrum

2.8 Types of black masterbatches

3. Recovered carbon black in colour concentrates

3.1. ECOBlack by Modern Dispersions Inc.

3.2. REC-O-BLACK 216 by Ampacet

3.3. OnColor™ RC Environmental Black by PolyOne

3.4. TECHBLAK™ 85 by Cabot

3.5. rC-Black range by Cromex

3.6. Testing rCB masterbatch dispersion

3.7. Testing rCB masterbatch haze in films

3.8. Testing rCB masterbatch colour

3.9.1. rCB masterbatch colour comparison

3.9.2. Improvements for rCB masterbatch

3.9.3. Optimised rCB masterbatch colour comparison

3.10. Regulatory aspects

This webinar recording is in English language.

The webinar recording is designed for producers of recovered carbon black who want to sell their product to plastic masterbatch companies, for producers of masterbatches who want to use recovered carbon black in their masterbatches, for distribution companies who want to sell recovered carbon black into plastic masterbatch applications and for consultants who want to support their clients in this application.

Martin von Wolfersdorff is a consultant and world expert on masterbatches (20 years experience), carbon black (7 years experience) and recovered carbon black (5 years experience).

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