Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black 2022 / 2023 (pre-order)


If you buy this 2022 edition now, you will get a free upgrade on the 2023 version which will be published in May 2023.

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Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black 2022 / 2023 is the ultimate report on recovered carbon black. Following the webinar “Carbon Black Asia”, this is the second collaboration between Notch Consulting and Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin.

If you buy this 2022 edition now, you will get a free upgrade on the 2023 version which will be published in May 2023.

The contents include an overview of the global furnace carbon black industry, recovered carbon black forecasts by region, by grade and by market, recovered carbon black suppliers & competitive environment as well as best practices for tire pyrolysis and recovered carbon black and company profiles and contacts.

The downloadable files are in PDF and in Microsoft Excel XLS formats. The report and all files are in English language.

PDF file Part 1:

1. Executive Summary & Key Statistics
2. Overview of the Carbon Black Industry
2.1 Carbon Black Demand by Region
2.2 Carbon Black Demand by Market
2.3 Carbon Black Demand by Grade
2.4 Carbon Black Suppliers & Market Share 2.5 Carbon Black Pricing
2.6 Carbon Black Price Forecast
3. rCB Demand Forecast & Growth Drivers
3.1 rCB Demand Forecast by Region
3.1.1 North America
3.1.2 European Union
3.1.3 China
3.1.4 Asia excluding China
3.1.5 Other Regions
3.2 rCB Demand by Grade
3.2.1 rCB1 Demand by Market
3.2.2 rCB2 Demand by Market
3.3 rCB Demand Forecast by Market
3.3.1 Tire Markets
3.3.2 Non-tire Rubber Goods
3.3.3 Specialty Markets
4. rCB Suppliers & Competitive Environment
4.1 rCB Market Leaders
4.2 rCB Current & Proposed Capacity
4.3 Joint V entures & Collaborations
4.4 Industry Developments & Initiatives
4.5 Product News

PDF file Part 2:

1. Introduction
1.1. Tire pyrolysis
1.1.1. Tire pyrolysis introduction
1.1.2. Discontinuous (“batch”) pyrolysis
1.1.3. Semi-continuous pyrolysis
1.1.4. Continuous pyrolysis
1.1.5. Best practices for tire pyrolysis technology and operations
1.2. Recovered carbon black
1.2.1. Chemical composition of the carbon residue
1.2.2. Recovered carbon black refining
1.2.3. Special post-treatment technologies
1.2.4. Recovered carbon black quality categories
2. rCB Company Profiles (22)

XLS file Part 3:

  1. Carbon Black Demand
  2. Recovered Carbon Black Demand
  3. Recovered Carbon Black Current Capacity
  4. Recovered Carbon Black Planned Capacity
  5. Carbon Black pricing reference