Video: An introduction to titanium dioxide



Learn more about titanium dioxide! Are you new to the coatings or masterbatch industry and want to learn about titanium dioxide?

This webinar video covers the sulphate and chloride production processes, the finishing process, pigment vs nano TiO2, the crystal types anatase and rutile, photo activity, inorganic and organic coatings, top suppliers, comparison with alternative pigments, key technology IP, quality control, typical quality issues and comments about the recent classification of titanium dioxide.

The price for this webinar video is only 99 € and the recording and the PDF slide deck can both be downloaded. Viewing on a desktop or Laptop PC or Mac is recommended. Chrome is the recommended internet browser.

Martin von Wolfersdorff worked 14 years in the titanium dioxide industry with ICI / Tioxide Europe / Huntsman Pigments / (today Venator Materials). Martin wrote his thesis on sulphuric acid recovery from the titanium dioxide sulphate process in Calais, France. In 1997, he started with ICI / Tioxide Europe as R&D engineer and was seconded to the French site in Calais as R&D liaison officer. During this time he worked on the industrialisation of the high performance plastics pigment Tioxide TR28. In 1999, Martin became Applications Manager Plastics & Specialties and helped to introduce Tioxide TR28 at major masterbatch companies in Europe. In 2000, Martin started a sales role as Area Manager Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Eastern Europe. From 2005, Martin relocated to the company’s HQ in Billingham as Marketing Manager Plastics and Anatase, including responsibility for the specialty business in food, drugs and cosmetics. In 2008, Martin developed the high performance plastics pigment TR48, which was introduced to the markets on the K2018 show. In 2010, Martin left the titanium dioxide industry to work with the plastic masterbatch company Americhem and 2 years later with the carbon black company Cabot.

Learn more about titanium dioxide and check out the globally biggest forum for titanium dioxide experts, the Linkedin-group “Martin & friends: Titanium dioxide (Tio2) !

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