Wastefront collaborates with ENSO Tyres

Wastefront collaborates with ENSO Tyres after an introduction by Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin.  It is a complementary partnership already just looking at the Norwegian 🇳🇴 and Icelandic 🇮🇸 flags!

Wastefront is a Norwegian tire pyrolysis project developer and aspiring recovered Carbon Black producer with extensive experience in plastics pyrolysis through its sister company Quantafuel. The company plans to build a 60 ktpa tire pyrolysis plant in the port of Sunderland in North East England.

ENSO Tyres is an Icelandic specialist tire company that specialises in sustainable tires for electric vehicles. The company currently produces tires with toll production partners including Algerian Iris Tyres. Its tires are build with a range of bio-based and circular materials including recovered carbon black, natural rubber and bio-based fillers.

Wastefront and Enso Tyres collaborate on “recycling end-of-life EV tyres, and reusing their recovered carbon black in new EV tyres” (Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, ENSO Tyres CEO). Vianney Vales (Wastefront CEO) said “This partnership is a great example of how we are closing the loop of circularity”. ENSO Tyres will incorporate recovered carbon black into its tyres from 2024.

If you want to learn more about the recovered carbon black industry, have a look at our new report “Prospects for Recovered Carbon Black“, which has a 135-page PDF report about the industry including company profiles and a Microsoft XLS file with current and future capacity data.

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Collabration news source: Insider Media
Background image source: ENSO Tyres

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