Watch our Free RCB in Inks and Coatings Webinar

Watch our Free RCB in Inks and Coatings Webinar

As we closed out 2022, I decided to upload my RCB in Inks and Coatings webinar to my Youtube channel and make it available for free.

This webinar which was originally recorded back in 2020, begins with an introduction to recovered carbon black, followed by a discussion on color science and jetness. The presentation then covers the use of recovered carbon black in inks and coatings. The session concludes with a Q&A section.

The full webinar is now available on the Wolfersdorff Consulting Berlin Youtube Channel:



0:00 Intro

0:04:38 recovered Carbon Black

0:20:56 Colour basics

0:33:39 recovered Carbon Black in inks

0:46:44 recovered Carbon Black in coatings

0:57:59 Questions & answers

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